Five Ways To Shower Essential Oil Diffuser

Five Ways To Shower Essential Oil Diffuser

I am always looking for new ways to experience my shower routine. One of the most recent discoveries is a diffuser for your shower! A diffuser lets you blow up essential oils and enjoy them as they fill the room with their fragrance without heat or water. I was wondering if there were other benefits, so I did some research and here are five things you should know about these great inventions:

1: Diffusers can help improve mood and energy levels

A shower Essential Oil Diffuser can be a great way to improve your mood and energy levels. The invigorating scents of essential oils can help you feel more alert and awake, which is perfect for those early morning showers!

2: It doesn’t create any steam as a humidifier does

Since shower essential oil diffusers don’t create any steam, they won’t mess with your sinuses or leave you feeling thirsty and dehydrated. If you’re suffering from a cold or allergies, these can help get rid of the stuffy nose without causing any discomfort!

3. You don’t have to use many essential oils to smell the fragrance.

Unlike other humidifiers or ordinary processes, you don’t have to use a lot of essential oil in shower diffusers. All you need is a few drops to shower the room with fragrance!

4. Diffusers can help improve mental clarity.

The invigorating scents of essential oils can help improve mental clarity and focus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or have a lot on your mind, taking a shower with some essential oil diffused in the air may be just what you need!

5. Many people find Shower Essential Oil Diffusers to be calming.

Shower essential oil diffusers can be calming and relaxing, if you’re looking for a way to wind down after a long day or need some time to yourself, using one of these in the shower is a great option!

Best Things About Shower Essential Oil Diffusers 

Aromatherapy shower diffusers are a great way to enjoy the relaxing scent of essential oils. At the same time, your body is being soaped up, washed and conditioned. It’s easy enough that even someone who doesn’t have any experience can use it! I find myself keeping the diffuser on to enjoy the natural fragrance while doing other bathroom routines after showering. Sometimes, just because it feels good or smells nice, but other times because we’re simply talking about essential oils here, and they are my mood boosters. So if you want some peace in an otherwise busy world, then why not make room?

Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser enables us to experience natural fragrance in our daily hygiene routines whenever desired by simply turning on the diffuser. This is great for those who enjoy essential oil products and are looking for a way to incorporate them into their shower routine.

Let’s look at some bullet points on why Shower Essential Oil Diffusers are the best thing you can get today.

  • Showers are not just for cleaning yourself; they should be an aromatherapy experience. And, Shower Essential Oil Diffusers do that perfectly.
  • Provide your body with a relaxing and energizing experience by using appropriate essential oils & blends.
  • Diffusing essential oils in the shower will not only keep you smelling fresh all day long, but it’s also an excellent way to start and end your morning routine.
  • I recommend starting with lavender for an uplifting mood boost or rose geranium if anxiety has been bothering you recently.
  • If you’re looking for a more refreshing scent, try citrus oils like grapefruit or lemon. Peppermint is perfect if you want to feel more alert and focused, or you can even try a woody shower essential oil diffuser like cedarwood for grounding.
  • Essential oils are a great way to release your creative potential and can be used in many different ways. The diffusers are specially designed, keeping all major essential oil brands in mind, so you’re sure it will work with any oil!
  • The Quick Mounting System allows for easy installation of Shower Essential Oil Diffusers with any wall. It negates the need to use nails or screws, making your home look so much better than before!
  • Shower Essential Oil Diffusers are usually very small and fit well in small spaces. Don’t worry if you have any spare counter in your bathroom.

What Oils Go Well With Shower Essential Oil Diffusers?

Along with the perfect way to freshen up any room, diffusers are great for bathrooms! You can diffuse any essential oils or natural fragrances in your shower. Enjoy their soothing effects as long as they are high quality 100% pure versions. Don’t forget about blending two scents for a better experience. Or just use one if you’re feeling lazy like me.

There are few things more satisfying than a hot, steamy shower. But have you ever thought about the benefits of adding essential oils to your daily routine? Showers make for some excellent opportunities that will help improve nearly every aspect of life!

The best way to start is just by mixing two drops of each of 4 different scents:

  • Lemongrass oil for stress relief and alertness
  • Lavender flowers to promote relaxation as well mental clarity (perfect before bedtime)
  • Peppermint leaves to combat appetite loss while improving digestion during meals due to either poor metabolism or food intolerances. On top of that, it smells incredible.
  • Orange blossoms to feel happy throughout the day.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced these feelings at one point or another, so why not indulge ourselves with shower essential oil diffusers? This is your opportunity to feel good about yourself.

Essential Oils For Morning Showers

Morning showers can be a real blessing as they can make or break your day. So, the oils you diffuse in your shower have a lot to say about how you will feel. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at some of the best essential oil choices for a morning shower:

Home Aroma Essential Oil By Eden Garden 

Lavender Essential Oil By Handcraft

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil By Plant Therapy 

Aromatherapy Essential Oils By Cliganic 

Essential Oils For Evening Shower 

When you take your evening shower, it’s hard not to feel like everything is just about calming down for bedtime. With some trickery from organic ingredients and essential oils (like lavender), enjoy this time alone before sleep with some extra peace of mind!

Let’s get straight to the best choices of Essential Oils For evening Showers:

Goodnight Synergy Blend By Eden Garden 

Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend By Plant Therapy 

Breath Ease Essential Oil Blend By Rocky Mountain 

Lavender Essential Oil By Doterra


The shower essential oil diffuser was a great discovery! Not only does it make my shower routine smell fantastic, but it also helps me feel refreshed and energized to start my day right. Stay closer to nature and take advantage of these diffusers with the best possible essential oil combos suggested in the post. This will be a small investment that will pay off big time!
On Oilifer, we regularly post about Essential Oils; please stay tuned for more posts.

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Do you have any experience with shower essential oil diffusers? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! ​​​​​

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