Does Root Chakra Essential Oils System Work?

Root Chakra Essential Oils
Root Chakra Essential Oils

The root chakra oil is a powerful tool for those looking to have increased balance in their lives. Root Chakra Essential Oil is an essential oil used to balance energy at the root level. The root chakra is the foundation of our being, and by taking care of it, we can create our lives in a way that has meaning. The root chakra governs physical foundations, safety, survival needs, material wealth, and earthly connections.

A balanced Root Chakra makes you feel grounded and secure, leading to a more successful journey through life. Whereas, when this Chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, consequences include feeling uncertain about your future goals or feeling unsafe in general. This effect will cause you to become more anxious overall.

This article will explore this critical energy center and what each color means for your root chakra.

Why is Root Chakra so Important

Imagine being in a present moment without your Chakra fully functioning. You have no clarity about what’s going on around you and how to be happy with where life is taking you. But there is still time for a change! With each of us as unique snowflakes, our energy must flow smoothly through all aspects: physical-emotional self-mental,/spiritual self. When this isn’t happening within themselves, problems develop into unhelpful habits such as unconsciously isolating oneself from friends due to resentment towards family members, etc.- resulting in depression.

Sometimes we are functioning in a dysfunctional state and can become comfortable with that. However, when you learn more about your internal system and acknowledge blocks or issues found within yourself-if, they exist-you may find comfort for once as well! The Chakra System map will point out any problems along the way. If utilized correctly to help get back on track from imbalance patterns which might be causing us pain every day at home/school/work etc.

How Does The Chakra System Function

How Does The Chakra System Function
Root Chakra Essential Oils

The root chakra (Mujadara) is at the base of your spine and supports the rest of your body. It relies on all other chakras to function well for its quality, growth, and well-being too. Our roots draw nutrients from the earth, which cycles up through each part in turn before coming back down again. We release any toxins or things that we no longer need as individuals; this happens before birth. Because you were never “finished” making new cells after conception like I hear some people say nowadays.

When imbalanced, the root chakra can put all other seven Chakras in a position to compensate for their lacking energy. Imbalance causes problems with your health and well-being as you might feel either stuck or unwell physically/mentally. Just like how a plant relies on one single stem that doesn’t produce enough fruit, it only breeds disease if not pruning away any limbs. Which would generally grow leaves for shade from strong suns light but now stands naked without protection against harsh elements. So our bodies go through similar stresses unless we find ways around them.

When this happens at first, there’s nothing wrong because each part still works as usual. Still, sometimes energies don’t match up correctly, causing discomfort.

Essential Oils Can Unblock Root Chakra System

At first glance, it might seem like Essential Oils are only for those who want to support their health and well-being. But I use them as part of an empowered self-care ritual. That pays attention not just to my body but body’s needs also. At the same time, Chakra is mapping or meditating on specific energy centers to heal imbalances within me. You, too, can choose which root oil best suits your balance desires by identifying what type is lacking.

Essential Oils Can Unblock Root Chakra System
Root Chakra Essential Oils

I love essential oils because they allow me to control how much information these products share regarding prevention methods against ailments before symptoms arise. At the same time, they educate ourselves and make wiser choices about lifestyle factors such as exercising regularly.

How to Check Imbalance in Your Root Chakra

There are many signs to check the imbalance in your Root chakra. And, a good Root Chakra oil can fix this all.

  • Physical issues in our body; hips, legs, and feet.
  • Digestion issues.
  • Not able to mentally entirely focus on your goals or prepare yourself to achieve them.
  • Emotionally dependent on others, again a problem within the mind.
  • Feelings like anger, frustration, fear, guilt, cynicism, restlessness, and doubt.

As we acknowledge our root chakra and all it needs, it can be painful yet humbling to find out the issues in our body. Still, with awareness, we have tools for healing. Think of a tall tree standing in the forest. The roots are deep and robust; they nourish themselves on faith that what’s needed will come from within or beyond as necessary for its stability. It feels secure at every angle with confidence that everything is going according to plan.

Best Root Chakra Essential Oils

Several essential oils work best with Root Chakra. We will discuss the best 5 of them for you.


Frankincense Essential Oil is the ultimate mood maker. It’s a powerful and ancient root chakra essential oil with properties that help calm your spirits, bringing balance to the Root Chakra System! When used as an antidepressant, it can work like magic for those who need some cheering up in their lives because Frankincense makes everything seem better again (and grounded too)! The scent of earthy warmth will uplift you while dropping any negative feelings; use this bad boy daily if possible 🙂

Myrrh Essential Oil

The Myrrh Essential Oil has been used in the past to promote feelings of wellness and peace. You can apply this powerful essential oil topically. And or diffuse it for maximum relaxation benefits—both internally with your body’s natural healing abilities and externally through aromatherapy.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential Oil is the backbone to balance our Root Chakra. We can be at risk of wreaking havoc on our ability to focus when we start feeling frustration, anxiety, and restlessness.

The impact could lead anywhere from being unproductive with work or school-related tasks down to severe self-injury if not appropriately dealt with by a trusted person who knows what they’re doing when handling these matters professionally.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil is a nurturing hug that reminds you of your strength and capabilities. Diffuse it in the air to calm down when things seem too complicated or overwhelming, especially with roots! A great way to heal cedarwood on both internal levels (Root Chakra) and externally is by diffusing this unique scent around yourself so others can experience its calming effects.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is the most happy-inducing scent. It’s like your favorite cheerleader by your side, giving you an endless amount of confidence to laugh through any tough time and never let anyone tell you that You can’t do it! When used in aromatherapy for balancing or opening roots chakra levels throughout one’s body with its grounding earthiness, this popularly known as “Patchou” often relieves stress while increasing well-being.

Final Thoughts

When you don’t feel control of your life, the root chakra essential oils and root chakra system may be just what you need. The Root Chakra System provides an opportunity to learn about yourself in a way that will help you manage stress more effectively by understanding how our emotions affect us physically. Hundreds of people have already experienced their lives changing for the better after using this three-step process, and we hope it can do the same for you! If any of these benefits sound appealing to you, or you want to hear more about any specific topic, please comment below.


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