11 Best Essential Oils For Snoring

Best Essential Oils to stop Snoring
Best Essential Oils For Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that can affect everyone, and it’s even more common as we age. However, there are natural remedies for snoring that don’t involve expensive surgeries or medical devices to help you breathe better at night. Essential oils for snoring can be an effective and inexpensive option to treat this condition without the side effects of other treatments.

Essential Oils For Snoring

Essential oils can reduce nausea and anxiety in people fighting cancer and have antibacterial effects when applied topically. However, science doesn’t currently support these claims. Still, many believe they work due to personal experience or testimonials from those who use them for snoring treatment without any adverse side effects.

This article discusses 11 essential oils to stop snoring that will leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested in no time.

Best Essential Oils To Reduce & Stop Snoring 

Essential oils that are known to help with snoring include Thyme, peppermint, and lemon. Other popular choices for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) symptoms include clove oil or fennel essential oils. We will explore this more closely in this article as well! When considering the best way to get relief from your nightly boisterousness, remember that not all remedies work for everyone.

So, don’t give up if one type doesn’t seem practical and try another until you find something suitable. But, before doing so, be sure to consult an aromatherapy expert. Because an expert can tell whether these treatments would indeed do their job by meeting standards such as safety usage instructions, etcetera.

1. Thyme Essential Oil 

Thyme Essential Oils For Snoring

Thyme essential oil is an excellent choice for snoring relief because it supports respiratory wellness, the immune system and joints. It can also be used in cleaning due to its purifying qualities! For best results, mix Thyme with carrier oils before applying it at the bottoms of your toes each nighttime. Please remember that undiluted Thyme will irritate the skin, so make sure you dilute carefully. Otherwise, this remedy won’t work as well on topically applied pure thymes.

A foot massage using an appropriate blend could help stimulate reflexology points. These points have been associated by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners even though modern research hasn’t confirmed them just yet. But let’s hope that they do soon enough since it can solve the problem of many among us.

You can also diffuse Thyme into the air using your essential oil diffuser. Start it about half an hour before planning to go to bed and enjoy a bedroom filled with its aroma for easy breathing as soon you are ready.

EUCALYPTUS Essential Oils For Snoring

2. EUCALYPTUS Essential OilEucalyptus is a powerful herbal decongestant that can help you breathe easier. Not only does it open your airways, but eucalyptus also has anti-inflammatory properties and works wonders for opening up nasal passages. This makes breathing more comfortable when congested or infected with the common cold virus; this way, less mucous ends up blocking one’s sinuses (nose). This recipe offers different ways of taking advantage of these fantastic benefits: inhaling as mentioned before or applying topically via steamroller massage.

Hot steam inhalation may just do what you need for those suffering from sinus congestion. Especially during the winter months when the air is much drier and more stagnant than it should be. Place some clean water in a medium-sized bowl over low heat until steaming.

Then add 3-5 drops of eucalyptus oil to create your own personal breathing sauna fit for anyone! Lean close as if preparing yourself before heading into battle so that all good stuff can flow easily past clogged nasal passages. While inhaling deeply through both nostrils repeatedly throughout treatment time – up 4 minutes on average, but 10+ seconds never hurt either way around, staying right there at least.


MARJORAM Essential Oils For Snoring

Another reported essential oil to help with snoring is marjoram. Smelling the oil before and while sleeping helps open up your airways, which means you won’t be able to snore as much once it kicks in! You can place 8-12 drops into an aromatherapy burner or diffuse using a diffuser blend for 2 hours at night without worrying how long they will last if used constantly.

Because this ingredient only works when coming onto repeat use. There isn’t enough research on its effects after 1-time use. So, don’t worry about burning out quickly since our body reacts differently depending on age, etcetera.

The effectiveness of marjoram as a snoring remedy depends on the person. Some react differently to any particular oil, while others report their noise was reduced within one night after using it for just six weeks straight! It’s important not to give up too quickly, so try these remedies at least three times over before giving up – you never know what might work best in your case.

4. Lemon Essential Oil 

The lemon oil’s healing power doesn’t stop at cleaning and uplifting moods. Lemon essential oils also offer another powerful anti-inflammatory option that can soothe sore throats. This helps you breathe more manageable with every inhale! The trick to stopping snoring? Try finding ways for your breathing process not to be as tricky, like adding some fresh air into the mix (and using up those last few drops of this most affordable starter kit).

5. Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint essential oil has purifying properties that make it easier to breathe. Additionally, peppermint can help relieve head and neck tension while you’re sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Or experiencing restlessness due to insomnia/sleep apnea by helping with breathing problems caused by several different factors, such as seasonal flu symptoms.

For example, It’s also great to support if your cough & colds are giving off too much lotion aroma! Finally, I would like to mention the immunity-boosting benefits of this extraordinary plant extract.

So you do not forget them next time around when looking up natural treatments available online.

6. Clove Essential Oil

Clove is a plant with many medicinal uses. It can be used to loosen up phlegm in the chest. It may help break it up when you lie down at night, preventing accumulation throughout your respiratory system that leads to congestion and coughing fits-which we all know leaves us sounding like an asthmatic.

7. Pine Essential Oil

Pine oil is one of the best essential oils for snoring. In traditional Chinese medicine, the pine needle is known for its healing properties. Now you can enjoy these benefits at home with natural pine oil. Pine essential oil is good therapy for insomnia treatment.

Pine Essential Oils For Snoring

Pine contains both antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds, which have been proven effective in soothing stressed muscles or sore joints. Furthermore, it is also beneficial when applied topically on the skin as a massage oil. Moreover, its sensual solid fragrance will leave any room feeling more relaxed due to its tranquilizing effect.

8. Citronella Essential Oil 

Citronella essential oil is a natural remedy that may help you urinate and sweat out toxins. It’s also been shown to have some powerful detoxifying properties. This will help you stop snoring and sleep better.

9. Valerian Essential Oil 

Valerian root has powerful sedative effects, so it’s commonly used in natural sleeping supplements. Valerian oil may help promote a restful night’s sleep for you with minor position changes or serve as an aid to support your partner during their slumbering hours.

10. Sage Essential Oil 

Clary Sage Oils are not only for cooking! Sage is one of the most prevalent herbs in North America. Its active ingredients have been used against respiratory infections, such as common colds or allergies, to prove themselves when it comes down to fighting these pesky bugs.

They might also help improve your circulation, leading to headaches being less frequent than before you took sage oil.

11. Fennel Essential Oil

The use of fennel to reduce inflammation in the nose and throat is a unique process. It can be done by using this herb as an inceptive or anti-inflammatory agent, which may result in improved airflow through nasal passageways due to its high astringent qualities. This tightens ups tissues while soothing pain sensation and making your head feel light.


The essential oils for snoring can help stop you & your partner from snoring. Many essential oil home remedies will work for you, not just in your body but also on the outside! If you want to learn more about essential oils and how they may help with various conditions such as allergies or insomnia, please tell us in the comment section. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and provide a free consultation so we can see what’s best for your needs.

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