15 Essential Oils For Dark Spots

15 Essential Oils For Dark Spots
15 Essential Oils For Dark Spots

As the weather gets colder and darker, it’s essential to take care of your skin. Essential oils help treat dark spots and scars, so I’ll be covering essential oils for dark spots, what they are, how they work, and some DIY recipes for a spotless face!

The sun is the most common cause of dark spots, but they can also occur because of ageing over time. Essential oils are an excellent natural remedy to address skin problems without including harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin further or create more issues in the future. This blog post will discuss how essential oils can help treat dark spots and prevent reappearing. 

Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Essential oils improve the overall health of your skin by:

  • Balancing overall skin tone
  • Reducing redness
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Healing wounds
  • Preventing Formation Of Scar Tissues

The right mix of essential oils depends on many factors, such as your skin type and usage patterns. Let’s look at all the essential oils suitable for scars on the skin.

Here is a list of 15 Essential Oils For Dark Spots

1. Coconut Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Coconut oil has been used for centuries to heal and moisturize skin. It’s a highly respected natural remedy with antioxidant properties that may help prevent or treat conditions such as dryness and inflammation on your face!

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Coconut oil will:

  • Retain moisture in the skin
  • Improve collagen production.
  • Make your skin soft.

Coconut oil can protect skin cells from inflammation, but you will see results after using it consistently for ten days. Nevertheless, it is the most affordable option online to treat skin issues.

Note: While you use coconut oil on your skin, make sure you dilute it and don’t overuse it. Coconut oil can also be allergic to your skin and irritate.

2. Lavender Essential Oil 

Essential Oils For Dark Spots
Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Lavender essential oil is a natural remedy that may help prevent scarring by promoting cell and tissue growth. It also has antibiotic, antioxidant, antiseptic properties! Moreover, Lavender oil is a natural treatment that could help repair the skin tissues of those injured.

Lavender essential oil promotes healing by increasing collagen and regenerating tissue, especially in early-phase treatment. Topical application of lavenders helped wounds close faster with less scarring too!

Note: Like coconut oil, lavender can also irritate your skin, so make sure you use it carefully.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil 

Best Essential Oils For Dark Spots
Essential Oils For Dark Spots

In scarring, Frankincense essential oil can be a powerful tool for you. It is one of the essential oils that have been used over several centuries to heal scars and reduce dark spots on your skin. It has regenerative properties that help restore damaged cells while promoting new cell growth!

Frankincense essential oil is also a natural astringent that can help tighten skin pores and improve your skin’s overall complexion.

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Note: Make sure to dilute frankincense oil with another carrier oil before application, as it is very potent. Also, it would be best if you avoided Frankincense during pregnancy. 

4. Helichrysum Essential Oil Essential Oils For Dark Spots

This oil is known for fading scars and dark spots over time. Helichrysum essential oil helps improve overall circulation. It can help distribute more nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.

Helichrysum essential oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that may help reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots on your skin. It can also help improve skin elasticity, which is beneficial in restoring the appearance of damaged skin tissue.

Note: Helichrysum oil should be used with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil and applied directly to the scarred area. You may need to use it for several months before seeing any results.

5. Geranium Essential Oil Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Geranium essential oil is a popular pick for scars, wrinkles and dark spots. It can also soothe irritated or sensitive skin while increasing blood circulation to the area where it’s applied. Geranium helps reduce inflammation which means you will have less redness and irritation after using it.

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Geranium essential oil is an excellent all-around natural remedy that can help improve the overall health of your skin. Geranium increases collagen production, providing nutrients to cells and stimulating cellular regeneration, especially in the early stages!

Note: You should dilute Geranium essential oil before use as it may irritate your skin if not properly diluted!

6. Carrot Seed Essential Oil Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Carrot seed essential oil is an excellent source for scar treatment. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal activities that help in the healing process of older scars. This inexpensive ingredient may take up one month before you see results from its use- but it’s well worth waiting that long!

Note:  Like most essential oils, it’s better to avoid using Carrot seed oil on pregnant women or breastfeeding.

7. Tea Tree Essential Oil Essential oils for dark spots

Tea tree oil, with its antiviral and antibacterial properties, may be helpful in the healing process for wounds. It also has antiseptic abilities that can prevent infection on your skin. Tea tree essential oil is a promising option to treat inflammatory disorders and heal wounds topically. It comes already diluted so that you may see results within just one month of consistent use!

Note: The potential side effects are incredibly minimal, considering its affordability. However, some people can have an allergic reaction due to heavy allergens like oakmoss or birch trees. These allergens contain chemicals related to adrenaline release when exposed to sunlight during processing time. This condition does not apply if you purchase organic oils.

8. Neroli Essential Oil 

Best Essential Oils For Dark Spots
Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Essential oil with the power to heal and protect; you can use Neroli essential oil for various skin care conditions. It helps treat scars. It reduces pain without any side effects or irritation on the skin due to its antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria while preserving collagen production. At the same time, antioxidant capacity helps prevent damage from free radicals, which leads to signs such as ageing prematurely.

This powerful healer have antifungal benefits too!

Note: At times, use may cause some irritation as well as allergic reactions- these are rare, though, but keep an eye out if there’s any swelling around where you applied the neroli oil.

9. Hyssop Essential Oil essential oils for dark spots

With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Hyssop essential oil can help heal wounds while preventing infections. It also might reduce the visibility of scars on your skin and treat them more effectively. You can apply hyssop extract topically onto open wound areas.

Research still needs to be done about how exactly this magical plant will work for you when fighting acne breakouts. However, if there is any silver lining at all, maybe someday soon, we’ll know just what role these healing benefits play?

10. Cedarwood Essential Oil essential oils for dark spots

Cedarwood has the potential to treat scars and other skin conditions. It is demonstrated as a Trusted Source to reduce inflammation and provide a pain-relieving result, which may be helpful for patients suffering from chronic aches as well! More research is needed to confirm these findings. Still, it seems like this natural remedy could offer relief by targeting different parts or mechanisms within our bodies than traditional medicine does. This quality makes Cedarwood more effective at accomplishing what we’re trying to achieve with medication and surgery alone.

11. Almond Essential Oil almond oil for dark spots

Almond oil is a natural moisturizer that can help reduce the appearance of scars. It contains vitamin E, which helps hydrate and soothe dry or damaged skin; plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties perfect for healing cuts! More research will determine how almond oil works when applied. Evidence shows rejuvenating effects in some people who use it, especially those with wrinkles.

Note: You may start to see results after a month of using almond oil. Avoid using Almond essential oil one month before any scheduled surgery. Be aware that it can affect diabetes, so talk with your doctor first if you have questions about using this oil! Use almond oils with other carrier oils such as jojoba or grapeseed. They’re also affordable options when compared against some higher-quality brands on the market today, like lavender.

12. Vitamin E Vitamin E For Dark Spots

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps your skin retain moisture and fight against the damage caused by free radicals. One study demonstrated its effectiveness in treating scars, though additional research needs to be done before reaching any conclusions!

You may notice improvements after just weeks of using this oil but keep at it for months if possible. Vitamin E can cause allergic reactions, which are more likely when applied topically, such as on our face.

13. Rosehip Seed Essential Oil 

Essential Oils For Dark Spots
Essential Oils For Dark Spots

Rosehip seed oil is a great way to treat scars, wrinkles and acne. In one study conducted by researchers in 2015, participants who used the oil for 12 weeks experienced significantly less discolouration of post-surgical stumps and atrophy or redness from their skin at those sites treated with rosehips.

Note: Rosehip seed oil has been used for centuries to treat various ailments, from acne and eczema all the way downrange. You might see results after six weeks if used. It could also cause irritation or an allergic reaction in some people, though, so do your research first!

14. Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C for dark spots

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help your skin retain moisture and fight against the damage caused by free radicals. One study demonstrated its effectiveness in treating scars. However, we need additional research before reaching any conclusions!

Note: You might see results after using vitamin C serum for a month or two. But remember, it’s essential to keep at it for longer than that to see results in some cases. It can also cause irritation or an allergic reaction, so do your research!

15. Chamomile Essential Oil Chamomile for dark spots

Chamomile is a common ingredient in creams, herbal tea and essential oil blends. You can use it as both medicine and perfume for centuries. Today, it can treat stomach problems like irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis. It can heal skin conditions such as acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it can treat eczema because of its antiseptic compounds, which stop bacteria from entering wounds on your body. You may also find that if you drink enough hot water containing these flowers, they will help ease anxiety symptoms. So it’s an all-rounder that deserves to go with you.

Tips For Using Essential Oils For Dark Spots & Scars 

To help wounds heal and prevent scars, apply the essential oil topically. However, make sure to dilute it first for your skin to not only tolerate but also benefit from its antiseptic and healing properties. Moreover, using specific diluted versions might combat inflammation caused due to an injury like cuts during sporting activities.

Before using essential oils, make sure to mix them thoroughly. They may need to be warmed slightly before being applied. They should not contact an irritating skin surface for 24 hours unless otherwise indicated on the label. Once this period has passed, there’s a higher chance of any adverse effects disappearing. To apply diluted prototypes of these full medicine bottles at home:

Measure out 2-3 drops onto unbroken tissue paper or cotton ball; if necessary, add coconut oil (warmed in the kitchen), so it can absorb quickly into the immediate area.

Above 15 were the Best Essential Oils For Dark Spots as our research.


Keeping the wound and area around clean is crucial to help minimize scarring. Covering it can also reduce infection risk by preventing outside particles from entering through open pores in your skin. Regularly changing dressing will ensure that there aren’t bacteria build-up on top of old ones, leading to inflammation or other problems down the line! The essential oils for dark spots listed above are available at any pharmacy (or even grocery store!), so don’t worry if you don’t have access right now. Just buy some when needed before proceeding with the treatment.


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