Essential Oils For Beginners

Do essential oils really have a benefit for your health? Are essential oils worth the money you spent on them? What essential oil should I buy and how do I know if it is pure enough? These are just some examples of questions essential oil beginners ask themselves. And they’re afraid to start using essential oils because these questions might be too overwhelming and essential oils seem to be confusing. A quick go-through for beginners on essential oils before we get into further details.

Essential Oils For Beginners
  1. Essential oils are natural substances made by distilling flowers, leaves, roots, and other plant parts.
  2. There are many essential oil benefits for your health and wellness.
  3. Make sure to have the safety guidelines when using essential oils.
  4. Essential oils can be used in many different ways like aromatherapy, essential oil recipes, cleaning products, and healing.

List of essential oil benefits for beginners

Essential oils are found in plants as their natural aromatic compounds. They contain natural properties which can give many health and wellness benefits when used correctly. Essential oils are quickly becoming popular because people want to try natural alternatives before turning towards prescriptions or over-the-counter medications that only help for one particular symptom, essential oils help with several symptoms. People also love essential oils because essential oils don’t have any negative side effects like other drugs do.

Before you buy essential oils, it is important to have sufficient information, especially for beginners. This will help you determine whether or not that essential oil is pure enough for you to start using it. There are three things you must check:

  1. The Latin name of essential oil.
  2. The country of origin.
  3. The distillation method.
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By doing this, beginners can be sure that essential oils are pure because essential oils which meet these three criteria only are from nature’s garden. You will also know whether or not they use organic farming methods during essential oil production. And if they do use organic farming methods, you’ll know whether or not a third party certifies that essential oil to make sure it meets certain quality standards. These are some of the points about essential oils that beginners need to know.

Different kinds of essential oil benefits for beginners

Once you have obtained pure essential oils you can start exploring all the many ways in which essential oils can benefit your health and wellness. Think about using them in the following ways:


You can diffuse essential oils into the air or apply them topically to your skin. Also, you can also add essential oils to a bath and soak in essential oil benefits for the body. Furthermore, you can use essential oils as massage oils.


Essential oils work great for making DIY essential oil recipes such as shampoo, lip balm, soaps, and lotions. Some essential oil recipes require some training though because essential oil chemistry is very complex and you don’t want to cause harm by using incorrect measurements which might happen if you don’t have any essential oil information. But once you understand how it works, making DIY recipes with essential oils is quite easy and fun for beginners.

Cleaning products:

You can use Essential oils to clean your house instead of using chemical cleaning products. But, you still need to know which essential oils are safe to use around food, pets, and kids. Then check for any special instructions to properly dilute it before using it in a DIY essential oil recipe.

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There are many mouthwatering essential oil benefits but one of the most popular ones for beginners is tea tree essential oil. Tea tree essential oil has so many healing properties that some people might even call it the ‘miracle’ essential oil! Other examples of essential oils with amazing health benefits are lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon essential oils.

Precautions essential oil beginners should know

With essential oils, always remember to use safety measures as you might be susceptible to allergies as well as sensitivities. On top of that, essential oils can also trigger hormonal changes. Also, don’t forget to consult an essential oil expert before using it on infants or the elderly. Moreover, stay away from essential oils that may cause nausea if you suffer from morning sickness. And, never ingest essential oils unless absolutely necessary (e.g., for poisoning).

Before purchasing and using essential oils, make sure that they are pure and not mixed with other ingredients. Any adulteration in essential oils might damage their healing properties. If there is no information about where the plants were grown, how they were harvested, or if are organic then it’s most likely information has not been provided by the essential oil producer. Never settle for cheaper substitutes because essential oils which are not pure will have lesser benefits.

How do essential oils work?

The main five ways essential oils can benefit your health are:

  1. They contain the all important antibacterial properties.
  2. They Stimulate our body’s immune system.
  3. Help maintain hormonal balance.
  4. Improve blood circulation.
  5. Support respiratory health.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to create a peaceful environment. But besides that, there are many different ways essential oils can benefit your life. Let’s take essential oils for concentration as one example. One benefit of peppermint essential oil is that it eases headaches and helps you concentrate better. So, if you’re studying for an examination or working on a project, essential oils can help you stay focused.

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Are essential oils safe to use? Beginner’s Precautions:

As essential oils are natural, they are the safest solution for what ails you (or your family members). But there are things everyone, particularly beginners need to know to get started with using essential oils:

  • Always consult with a specialist before using essential oils.
  • Be aware that certain essential oil benefits may not be suitable for children. This might be the case when it comes to essential oils for respiratory problems or essential oils for skincare.
  • You can increase the benefits of essential oils if you follow the right safety precautions, so make sure to pay attention to them before using essential oils.
  • Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin as they may cause an allergic reaction. Instead, dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil before applying them topically. This way you will avoid irritation of sensitive skin parts. It will also ensure that you get all essential oil benefits without missing out on any because of incorrect measurements!

Where should I buy essential oils? | Final verdict

If possible always choose organic brands since they are safe to use. Not only that, organic brands usually provide more information about the oils than non-organic essential oil brands. If you are looking for essential oils to treat a specific issue, make sure they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. You can find a lot of information about essential oils online. But, if you’re planning on using essential oils often then it’s recommendable that you consult an essential oil expert. Or, purchase your essential oils from a company with experience in producing essential oil products. There are many different varieties of essential oils available so finding one to suit your needs will be easy.

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